"Let's fly away" - Anon Lingerie Launch Away Fashion Show

April 23, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Playing catchup here again, but had a great time (on Friday the 13th of all dates) the other week at the "Launch Away" Fashion Show, organised by my good buddy Rebecca Sedgewick at Anon Lingerie, in Elland  (I'm not currently in the market for high quality ladies underwear myself, but if you are, and are in the neighborhood, please drop in.)

With a holiday theme, and put together by the wonderful friends and family of Anon, the show was a roaring success. A special appearance was even put in by the King himself, with Elvis both looking and sounding fantastic  for his age (and rumoured passing in 1977.)

Fashions included products sold by Anon Lingerie, Sage & Onion and original designs by Zoe Reagan.

Last year, Blu Planet Photo organised and shot photos of several of Anon Lingerie customers and friends, with their photos featuring in the window display in Elland.  Earlier on the day of the Fashion Show, another photoshoot was staged, and photos of these new brave souls in their underwear will be appearing later in the year. Watch out for that, residents and visitors to Elland!. :-)

Launch Away Fashion Show

Full gallery of images from the fashion show can be found in EVENTS 2012




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