Mintfest 2013

September 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Lovely day up in the Lake District covering one of the performing groups at Kendal's Mintfest. The Stilting Batteristas are a new walking drum band, with most of the members, as the name suggests, in stilts.

As well as 'hanging out' with this talented group, I was also able to take in some of Sunday's other acts, and the grand finale to the weekend, fireworks and music at Kendal Castle.  Full gallery can be found in Events 2013.


019_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-Edit019_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-EditStilted Batteristas at Mintfest 2013


579_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-Edit579_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-EditStilted Batteristas at Mintfest 2013


885_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-Edit-Edit885_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-Edit-EditStilted Batteristas at Mintfest 2013

738_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-Edit738_Mintfest2013_bluplanetphoto-EditStilted Batteristas at Mintfest 2013



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